Publicize new creators and their potential talent in a center where they can publicize their works, through permanent exhibitions, in the case of new creators in spaces sponsored by art galleries and design schools , that through an annual rental may have their own space to exhibit the works of their young creators. On the other hand, spaces and temporary exhibitions will be enabled so that young creators can make themselves known, contact galleries, art buyers and the general public.

Another need that it provides is to raise the cultural level of the public, society and the professional sector, through master conferences, workshops and courses. Our main objective is to attract the most relevant people from each sector and who contribute their talent and knowledge to raise the cultural level of artists and Valencian society in general.

Within this cultural space, artistic material from any of the specialties could be acquired.

iPad and iPhone 5
iPhone 5 with Wacom



The mission of our project is to spread art in Valencian society and to approach all those people who are interested in consuming art within the seven branches that are offered. Offering them a place that brings together the entire artistic ensemble and where they can both escape and immerse themselves in a totally different way. With this, the possibilities for artists to CREATE, EXHIBIT AND DISCLOSE their works will be much broader. In addition, this will give the public a much more participatory and closer vision of art due to the easy access of this center for all those interested.



Above all, it seeks to promote and encourage people in our municipality to feel more interest in doing activities related to creative cultural issues. We are looking for a new way of seeing a cultural center, which is associated with doing enriching and fun activities, for all ages.

It also seeks to encourage new young artists to exhibit their work in our space. Thus giving them an opportunity to make themselves known in the creative world.